Friday, March 30, 2012

Reuse/Iron-On Fun!

Ok so as I mentioned in my last post I do love vintage things. So this led me to trying to figure out a way to reuse items to make a t-shirt, but how? Iron-ons! I have noticed really cute iron-ons at Jo-Ann Fabrics, among other places and liked that idea for something different. It wasn’t until I ran across another tutorial from that I realized you can make your own! She used screen printing and felt to make unique iron-ons in her tutorial @
. This tutorial is a super cute idea and I will probably use it but for my “Reuse” purposes I searched on for other tutorials.

I discovered a blog that gives great steps to creating your own iron-on patch with material No, this isn’t a vintage material but the method would work for any kind of fabric you want to reuse or if you just want to make something like this!

The second tutorial @ I found was super cute! It’s a little different than the others so I decided to add it on here.

Ok the last tutorial I found @ was a must to add to this post because of the stitching she added. As you may remember from my first ever post, I do not sew! But, I figure even I could figure out this stitching! This would be a great look if you used an old or unused material around your house. Maybe there is a pillow or quilt that has seen better days but has a few spots still in good shape. Using those patches of material for your iron-on would be a great way to reuse them. You could also modernize that old pillow material by ironing it to a more contemporary material for a pillow. Oh the possibilities!
After all my internet browsing I think this is a really fun way to reuse material you already have; or maybe create something that looks vintage. I have seen the heat-bond at Wal-Mart and it’s not very expensive. I also suggest (as I am doing) looking on the internet at different types and designs of iron-ons for ideas. There are really cute iron-ons @ and, of course numerous pictures of designs all over cyberspace!
On final thought that came to me while I was looking at these tutorials was that you could use old cards or pictures to make iron-ons for pillows and bags. I don’t think they would wash all that well if used on clothes unless you copied them somehow. Many, many fun projects can be had with this new find!

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