Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baby Shower - For Mommy

I always like the idea of baby showers that pamper the Mommy to be. By the time the baby shower roles around they are really close to their due date and could use some pampering! This is also a great idea for a mom that already has children and doesn't necessarily need a baby shower. For instance, one of my friends has a little boy that has just turned one and she is having a second boy in October. She has alot of the necessities for this second baby, already. But, she could definitely use some pampering!

I found a great post, for this kind of baby shower, @ . This includes recipes for facials, scrubs and masks. I want to try them whether it's for a shower or not! This is such a great and inexpensive way to have a girl's night and shower combined.

Since this shower is all about mommy don't forget to make the gifts all about her too. Putting together things she would love is a great way to make her feel special. Also, bringing meals (like this breakfast gift basket above) is a great way to help her relax in the coming days.

Another fun idea is each guest doing a few scrapbook pages. Then the busy mom just has to add photos and comments later. This would be a great way to help mom organize her pictures and memories.


For the decor and food I think pretty and calming is a great way to go. I found this beautiful dessert table @ . This would be great for celebrating and pampering the mommy to be!

This shower theme could go so many different ways and can be really tailored to the mom to be. It can be a great way for her to unwind with her friends. Don't be shy about asking everyone to pitch in for this event. Then it won't be stressful for anyone!

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