Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weddings = Winter Inspired

One of my friends is getting married in December. I'm not sure what her colors are so I looked at winter bridal showers. There's some cute stuff out there!

I love the colors here for a winter bridal shower. I think for this one the invitation, meringue tower and cupcakes are so pretty! I found this @ . This was a great find for me because it gave me something to start off from.

My second find was a post @ Although colors and the gothic theme would be changed, I loved alot of the ideas that I found in this post. The ideas used at this shower are affordable, but look very classy. I love that combination! Besides, I found a tutorial @ for making a ruffle cake, it's not very hard!

I love this last find @ , of course I love anything photography based, but I thought this idea was really cute. The decorations were also simple, easy but elegant. All in all, a great find!

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