Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weddings = Grey and Yellow

I have several friends that are looking to walk down the aisle in the near future. SO I decided it would be fun to find some ideas for their showers.

I began with checking out their ideas on pinterest and then went off to scour the web for ideas.

One of my friends is planning on using yellow and grey for her colors (so cute). So I began with my favorite go to blog for event planning, The Hostess with the Mostess. I found a great post on a "romantic yellow and grey shower" @ . I loved this because it could be done inexpensively and the colors could be fine tuned for the particular bride. So fun!

The second blog I found @ is actually for a wedding, but I thought it would work great for a shower too. Except for the cake the shower look easy to pull off and really pretty. Not to mention, I really liked the photographs on the suitcase and the tree with notes from the guest. But, I especially love the cupcakes with the books for pedestals! Plus, my friend loves to read.

The last blog post I found @ has really great ideas using alot of fresh items. My friend is planning on getting married in June so getting the fresh flowers would be no big deal. So pretty!

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