Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weddings = Ooo La La!

My next friend hasn't set a date but is pinning her thoughts on a wedding, in the next few years. This is one of my closest friends, I wanted to mix an elegance with fun for her shower ideas. She and I both share a love for movies. So, I decided that would be a really fun place to start... a movie night.

I found this table and dessert ideas @ . I really like the idea of the popcorn holders! The themes is "parisian girls night + Bridesmaids movie viewing". My plan is to stick with the glam of the parisian girls night but have multiple movies and maybe games. The desserts look really easy and cute. Plus, the printables are available on the website! Hurray!

The second site I found @ gives alot of great tips for putting together a movie night themed bridal shower. Very fun ideas!

I want to add more color to the shower then just black and pink. My friend is leaning toward several bright colors, which she would use all of, whenever she marries. I thought these finds @ were not only great colors to throw in, but also some great ideas. I love the advise box and the recipe cards! This promises to be a fun night :)

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