Sunday, April 15, 2012

One More Wedding...

Ok before I leave behind the posts on bridal showers I have one more. I don't have any particular friend in mind, I just simply love this idea.

On pinterest I have come across the theme of "Travel Wedding". I love to travel, so I thought this was a fantastic idea! Since not everyone would want a themed wedding though, I thought it would be a great idea for a shower instead. Especially if you used the destination of the honeymoon for the theme. Also, this is a great theme for a couples shower vs. a bridal shower. The travel theme can have enough masculine touches to be a comfortable event for the groom and his friends as well.

I think this DIY banner, I found on, is so cool! It is also really versatile because you can do any kind of scrapbook paper and use any colors! Great idea.

I really like this idea, from pinterest, of using a suitcase for cards from the guests. A sign or banner would also be cute and show the guests what the suitcase is for. So fun!

To begin with, I found this great tutorial @ . I thought this would be a fantastic (and inexpensive) way to do flowers for a shower. But, instead of using book paper you use maps...

Like this!

I found this second way to use maps @ . This would be a really simple centerpiece. You could use coffee cans and secure the maps around them with scrapbooking tape. 

Another centerpiece idea I found @ . Is simply using postcards! How cute is that!?

The brochure style invitation (at the top left) is a great idea for an invitation. It gives the guests an idea of where the couple is going on their honeymoon and what the shower theme is. I found this picture @ . This invitation would be super easy to put together with Microsoft Office 2010's Publisher program. The templates makes it simple to put together a brochure. 

This second type of invitation I found @ . Is also an inexpensive but cute idea!

I love this cake I found @ this is such a cute idea, to use colorful stamps as garland on a simple cake!

I also like this idea from to put a simple cake on a suitcase. This could be a really inexpensive way to decorate not only the cake table but also around the shower. Picking up old suitcases at flea markets is a cheap way to decorate!

My last find @ was this super cute dessert table. I really like the little details.

I could go on and on with this theme. I found tons of really great ideas online. It is a great theme that can be tailored to the couple and place they are going. Besides the fact that it's fun!

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